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You'll often hear pilots referring to the Continental® O-470 in reverent tones as "old reliable." Powering the majority of Cessna® 180 and fixed-gear 182 aircraft from 1953 through 1986, this workhorse of an engine embodies simplicity, efficiency and ruggedness. Its track record speaks louder than words - a true brawny powerplant. In fact, some versions make full power at a smooth, quiet 2400 rpm.

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0470U17BN Continental Engine - NEW O-470-U17

Part Number: 0470U17BN

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0470U18BN Continental Engine - NEW O-470-U18

Part Number: 0470U18BN

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0470U30BR Continental Engine - REBUILT O-470-U30

Part Number: 0470U30BR

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0470U13BR Continental Engine - REBUILT O-470-U13

Part Number: 0470U13BR

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Cessna 182 Engine

0470U14BR Continental Engine - REBUILT O-470-U14

Part Number: 0470U14BR

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0470U42BR Continental Engine - REBUILT O-470-U42

Part Number: 0470U42BR

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