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Here at Air Power Inc., we pride ourselves on being the No. 1 distributor of Lycoming aircraft engines worldwide. We have hundreds of Lycoming aircraft engines for sale in seven different series builds. If you're looking for a rebuilt Lycoming engine, we also offer full Lycoming engine overhauls to last longer, run smoother and fly cleaner. With so many options, you're sure to find the new Lycoming engine perfect for your aircraft application. Air Power's engine and parts experts have a relationship with the Lycoming factory that is second to none. It's what allows us to help you find the right Lycoming engine for the best price on the market, whether you're looking for a series 235 or series 720. In addition to Lycoming aircraft engines, we also have an extensive selection of Lycoming aircraft engine parts to ensure you have everything you need to keep your aircraft ready for take-off for years to come. Why trust anyone but the world's largest distributor of Lycoming aircraft engines? Browse our entire selection below.

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HENPL-RT10230 IO-360-L2A

Part Number: HENPL-RT10230

1 in stock - Overhauled


4370 Champion Aerospace MAGNETO

Part Number: 4370

10 in stock - Overhauled

Champion Slick replacement Magneto for Lycoming Engines

53E22144 Lycoming VALVE VERNATHERM

Part Number: 53E22144

Out of stock


48B22488 Lycoming CONTROLLER

Part Number: 48B22488

On Backorder - New


76628 Lycoming SUPPORT

Part Number: 76628

On Backorder - New


46C19836 Lycoming TURBO

Part Number: 46C19836

On Backorder - New


RENPL-RT1F8863 Lycoming O-360-A4M With EIS

Part Number: RENPL-RT1F8863

Out of stock

Call for pricing

HENPL-1F9660 TIO-540-AH1A with EIS

Part Number: HENPL-1F9660

Out of stock

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ENPL-9037 Lycoming New O-235-L2A Engine for SOCATA MS-885

Part Number: ENPL-9037

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8202 Lycoming New IO-360-A3B6D Engine for MOONEY 201

Part Number: ENPL-RT8202

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8330 Lycoming New IO-360-A3B6D Engine for MOONEY 201

Part Number: ENPL-RT8330

Out of stock


ENPL-RT10519 Lycoming New IO-360-A3B6D Engine for MOONEY 201

Part Number: ENPL-RT10519

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8593 Lycoming New IO-360-B1E Engine for PIPER PA-28-180R

Part Number: ENPL-RT8593

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8709 Lycoming New IO-360-B1E Engine for KIT (GLASAIR SUPER II S)

Part Number: ENPL-RT8709

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8434 Lycoming New IO-360-B1F Engine for UTVA 75 & 75A21

Part Number: ENPL-RT8434

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8993 Lycoming New IO-360-B1F6 Engine for GREAT LAKES TRAINER

Part Number: ENPL-RT8993

Out of stock


ENPL-RT9547 Lycoming New IO-360-B1G6 Engine for AIRSHIP

Part Number: ENPL-RT9547

Out of stock


ENPL-RT11072 IO-360-B1G6

Part Number: ENPL-RT11072

Out of stock


ENPL-RT10913 IO-360-B4A

Part Number: ENPL-RT10913

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8667 Lycoming New IO-360-C1B Engine for SOCATA TB-10

Part Number: ENPL-RT8667

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8612 Lycoming New IO-360-C1C Engine for PIPER PA-28R-200

Part Number: ENPL-RT8612

Out of stock


ENPL-RT9907 Lycoming New IO-360-C1C Engine for PIPER PA-28R-200

Part Number: ENPL-RT9907

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8567 Lycoming New IO-360-C1C6 Engine for PIPER PA-28R-201

Part Number: ENPL-RT8567

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8879 Lycoming New IO-360-C1C6 Engine for PIPER PA-28R-200

Part Number: ENPL-RT8879

Out of stock


ENPL-RT9325 Lycoming New IO-360-C1C6 Engine for PIPER PA-28R-200

Part Number: ENPL-RT9325

Out of stock


ENPL-RT10214 Lycoming New IO-360-C1C6 Engine for PIPER PA-28R-201

Part Number: ENPL-RT10214

Out of stock


ENPL-6397 Lycoming New O-235-L2C Engine for BEECH 77

Part Number: ENPL-6397

Out of stock


ENPL-6403 Lycoming New O-235-L2C Engine for PIPER PA-38-112

Part Number: ENPL-6403

Out of stock


ENPL-6475 Lycoming New O-235-L2C Engine for GRUMMAN AA1C

Part Number: ENPL-6475

Out of stock


ENPL-6479 New Lycoming Engines

Part Number: ENPL-6479

Out of stock


ENPL-9005 Lycoming New O-235-L2C Engine for TAYLORCRAFT F-21

Part Number: ENPL-9005

Out of stock


ENPL-9031 Lycoming New O-235-N2A Engine for SLINGSBY T67B

Part Number: ENPL-9031

Out of stock


ENPL-6476 Lycoming New O-235-N2C Engine for CESSNA C-152

Part Number: ENPL-6476

Out of stock


ENPL-9106 Lycoming New O-235-N2C Engine for DW AVIATION

Part Number: ENPL-9106

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8428 Lycoming New AEIO-320-D1B Engine for SLINGSBY T67M

Part Number: ENPL-RT8428

Out of stock


ENPL-RT9313 Lycoming New AEIO-320-D1B Engine for GROB G-115D2

Part Number: ENPL-RT9313

Out of stock


ENPL-RT9675 AEIO-320-D1B

Part Number: ENPL-RT9675

Out of stock


ENPL-RT9710 AEIO-320-D2B

Part Number: ENPL-RT9710

Out of stock


ENPL-RT9787 Lycoming New AEIO-320-D2B Engine for HINDUSTAN AERO HT-2

Part Number: ENPL-RT9787

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8127 Lycoming New AEIO-320-E1B Engine for BELLANCA 8KCAB-CS

Part Number: ENPL-RT8127

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8128 Lycoming New AEIO-320-E2B Engine for BELLANCA 8KCAB

Part Number: ENPL-RT8128

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8579 Lycoming New IO-320-B1A Engine for PIPER PA-30

Part Number: ENPL-RT8579

Out of stock


ENPL-RT8710 Lycoming New IO-320-B1A Engine for KIT (GLASAIR SUPER II S)

Part Number: ENPL-RT8710

Out of stock


ENPL-RT9387 Lycoming New IO-320-B1A Engine for PA-30/39

Part Number: ENPL-RT9387

Out of stock


ENPL-RT9525 Lycoming New IO-320-B1A Engine for PIPER PA-30

Part Number: ENPL-RT9525

Out of stock


ENPL-RT9682 Lycoming New IO-320-B1A Engine for PIPER PA-30

Part Number: ENPL-RT9682

Out of stock


ENPL-8578 IO-320-C1A

Part Number: ENPL-8578

Out of stock


ENPL-RT9846 Lycoming New IO-320-D1A Engine for MONSON BO-209-C

Part Number: ENPL-RT9846

Out of stock


Lycoming's Largest Engine Distributor Since 2011

If you need a Lycoming engine, look to Air Power Inc. Since 1929, Lycoming aircraft engines have been an incredible addition to general aviation – carrying more than 700 FAA Certificated commercial aircraft engine configurations for both rotary-wing and fixed-wing applications. From its headquarters in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Lycoming has built a name through its product quality, integrity, focus and dedication to customers. Air Power Inc. is proud to be the largest distributor of Lycoming aircraft engines globally, helping general aviation pilots keep their Lycoming-powered aircraft in the sky for over ten years. We carry a diverse range of Lycoming aircraft engines for sale in our inventory, including factory-new, overhauled and ready-to-ship engines at the best prices in the industry.

Air Power Inc. Is Your Trusted Supplier of Lycoming Engines & Aircraft Engine Parts

When your piston-powered aircraft is grounded, turn to Air Power Inc. We have a selection of Lycoming aircraft engines for sale at unbeatable prices. We're proud to work closely with the people at Lycoming and bring all the benefits that come with it to you. When you need to replace your Lycoming engine, cut your risk by sticking with factory OEM Lycoming aircraft engines direct from their production facility in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

We Stock Thousands of Lycoming Engine Parts In Our Inventor

Air Power Inc. isn't just the largest distributor of Lycoming aircraft engines. We also carry an extensive selection of genuine Lycoming aircraft engine parts for your maintenance and repair needs. From rollers and brackets to bearings and o-rings, Air Power gives you access to factory-engineered Lycoming engine replacement parts when and where you need them.

Our Lycoming Aircraft Engines Inventory Includes 7 Different Series Builds

Here at Air Power Inc., we're confident we have the Lycoming aircraft engines you need to power your specific model of general aviation aircraft. After all, there's a reason we're the largest distributor in the world. Our complete line of Lycoming aircraft engines includes four-, six- and eight-cylinder piston engines boasting up to 400 horsepower. Our inventory includes:

  • 235 Series: Produce up to 125 hp at 2,800 RPM
  • 320 Series: Produce 150 or 160 hp at 2,700 RPM
  • 360 Series: Produce 145 to 210 hp
  • 390 Series: Produce 210 hp at 2,700 RPM
  • 540 Series: Produce 235 to 360 hp at up to 2,700 RPM
  • 580 Series: Produce 315 hp at 2,700 RPM
  • 720 Series: Produce up to 400 hp at 2,650 RPM

Frequently Asked Questions About the Lycoming Aircraft Engines for Sale at Air Power Inc.

When it comes to finding the perfect Lycoming engine for your aircraft, we know that even the smallest details matter. We pride ourselves on having complete transparency in our company and everything that goes into the process of purchasing your products. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get about Lycoming aircraft engines.

How Are Your Lycoming Engines Priced?

Air Power Inc. is a leading low-cost OEM parts supplier across a variety of quality brands, including Lycoming aircraft engines. In the rare event you find a better price for an in-stock Lycoming engine from another authorized distributor, we will do everything in our power to beat that price. Just contact us with the details, and we'll work out the rest! Shipping terms may be factored into our price match consideration.

What Are Your Return Policies Concerning Lycoming Aircraft Engines?

As an authorized distributor for Lycoming Engines, we must mirror Lycoming's core return policy. Deviations from this policy must be approved in advance and must be made in writing. Core return dates include:

  • Customers Within the United States (Domestic): 90 days after factory invoice
  • Customer Outside the United States (International): 120 days after factory invoice

Please review our full core return policy for more information regarding Lycoming aircraft engines.

How Can I Pay for My Lycoming Engine?

Lycoming engine purchases may only be paid for via wire transfer or business check drawn from a United States-based bank.

Find Lycoming Aircraft Engines for Sale at Air Power Inc. Today

Air Power Inc. is dedicated to serving every customer to the best of our abilities, no matter what you need. Along with our service and extensive knowledge regarding all things Lycoming, our personal touch is what sets us apart from other distributors and dealers. If you have any questions or need assistance when purchasing your Lycoming aircraft engines, feel free to contact us at any time. Our expert specialists are always ready to help. Choose Air Power Inc. today.

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29 OCT 2021

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An aircraft’s alternator is the piece of equipment that serves as the root provider for an aircraft’s total electrical needs. Without a properly functioning alternator, an aircraft’s battery can’t properly charge and could leave an aviator grounded until the problem is resolved. At Air Power, Inc. we specialize in providing our clients with quality aircraft engines and parts. If your customers come to you with the need for a new alternator or related part, we have the supply on hand to help you keep your customer’s aircraft in prime condition. However, before completely switching out alternators for customers, let’s take a closer look at the true signs that the alternator is their source of trouble and how you or your customers can troubleshoot the source of their issue for the most accurate repair or replacement.