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If you're looking for Kelly Aerospace magnetos and parts, Air Power Inc. has you covered. For over 35 years, Kelly Aerospace magnetos have been trusted to keep flights running smoothly with unparalleled power and performance. With in-house resources, tooling and manufacturing, replacement Kelly Aerospace magneto parts and magnetos are designed to meet your unique application needs. At Air Power Inc., we want to bring the Kelly Aerospace parts and magnetos you need straight to your doorstep. Browse our entire selection below. We offer Kelly Aerospace aircraft magneto parts like the KATS-11-006S Heat Exchanger and magnetos like the 10-682555-14R and 10-682910-13R for the best prices on the market.

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AB-160844 Kelly Aero Parts & Magnetos BRUSH ASSEMBLY

Part Number: AB-160844

210 in stock - New


9910592-3 Kelly Aero Parts & Magnetos ALTERNATOR

Part Number: 9910592-3

4 in stock - New


KA10-400615 Kelly Aero Parts & Magnetos CAPACITOR

Part Number: KA10-400615

64 in stock - New


ES10-382585 Kelly Aero Parts & Magnetos CONTACT

Part Number: ES10-382585

124 in stock - New


AB-357586 Kelly Aero Parts & Magnetos GEAR KIT

Part Number: AB-357586

50 in stock - New


KA12508 Kelly Aero Parts & Magnetos Harness 4 CYL S100; replaces Slick M2508

Part Number: KA12508

On Backorder - New

Complete Harness for Lycoming

AB-86527 Kelly Aero Parts & Magnetos Lubricant Felt 8 oz.

Part Number: AB-86527

On Backorder - New


ES10-35936-7 Kelly Aero Parts & Magnetos Screw

Part Number: ES10-35936-7

211 in stock - New


ES3068 Kelly Aero Parts & Magnetos Impulse Coupling Assembly

Part Number: ES3068

On Backorder - New


KA12045E Kelly Aero Parts & Magnetos Harness 4 CYL S200

Part Number: KA12045E

On Backorder - New


KA14033E Kelly Aero Parts & Magnetos Harness 4 CYL S100

Part Number: KA14033E

On Backorder - New


KA17002 Kelly Aero Parts & Magnetos Harness 6 CYL S200

Part Number: KA17002

On Backorder - New



Kelly Aero is a leading original equipment manufacturing supplier to the aviation industry and the world's largest private OEM for aircraft aftermarket magnetos, replacement parts and ignition harnesses.


It’s Time for a Change in your airplane’s engine. Kelly Aero brings quality and value back together again by introducing it’s factory new magneto. Available now from Air Power, the FAA/PMA approved mags are factory new replacements for all Champion® or Slick aircraft magneto applications.


Kelly Aero creates, designs, and engineers not only the aircraft engine parts with our in-house resources, but also the tooling and manufacturing processes. Every overhauled Bendix, Slick magneto, new ignition harnesses, or FAA/PMA approved replacement parts are shipped to meet the application demands of your airplane.

Why Choose Kelly PMA Replacements for Champion - Slick Magnetos?

Utilizing over 35 years of manufacturing FAA/PMA replacement parts, Kelly Aero is proud to introduce an ALL NEW magneto replacement for general aviation. Performance improvements including coil, capacitor, breaker points, and impulse coupling make the Kelly Mag the superior quality option for General Aviation.

  • Superior Warranty Coverage
  • Wide Range of Acceptable Cores
  • Significant Price Reductions
  • Family Owned Business


What is the Warranty Coverage on a new Kelly Mag?

12 months for 500 hours from the date of installation, or 24 months after the date of manufacture.

What is an acceptable core on a new Kelly Mag?

Complete Bendix/Continental Cores & all Champion or Slick 4300 or 6300 magnetos

What cores are not accepted?

Slick 400/600 or 4200/6200 series.

Kelly Aero | Ignition Harnesses

Did you know that the Kelly Aircraft Ignition Harness & Leads are the most wildly used ignition harness on the market and are OEM equipment on all Continental engines?

Kelly Aero offers an amazing value proposition over alternatives.

Air Power & Kelly Aero

Long standing partners, Air Power can help you get the right Kelly Aero products a the best prices! Our Price Match Guarantee speaks for itself!


Need Help Finding a Kelly Mag?

Visit our Kelly Aero Application Guide for more information

31 MAR 2022

Kelly Aero, LLC Introduces New Line of General Aviation Magnetos

Kelly Aero, LLC is proud to introduce an All New - FAA/PMA approved direct replacement line of four and six cylinder magnetos. With a foundation of over 35 years of manufacturing FAA/PMA replacement magneto parts as well as overhauling magnetos, the new magneto design incorporates component improvements that revitalizes quality and value for general aviation magnetos. “We have manufactured millions of magneto parts and we have overhauled well over 100,000 magnetos over our history,” stated Kelly Aero President/CEO Jeffrey Kelly, “introducing a new direct replacement Kelly Magneto further cements our commitment to piston engines in general aviation. It has been 30 years since a new direct replacement magneto line this robust has hit the market, so it is quite an accomplishment by our team” The new Kelly Magneto will be manufactured at their facility in Montgomery, Alabama and inventory will begin shipping to their distribution network in September, 2021. All Kelly Aero products are available for purchase from Air Power Inc. Please visit or call a Kelly Aero Magneto Specialists at Air Power today at 800.938.7278.

15 MAR 2022

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15 MAR 2022

Using the Multiple Parts Search Function

To constantly improve and add your aircraft and engine parts purchasing more seamless, Air Power has added multi line search capabilities to the all-new