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Air Power Inc. is your No. 1 destination for OEM aircraft avionics for sale online. No matter what general aviation aircraft you fly, aircraft avionics equipment is essential for safe and enjoyable flights. Aircraft avionics takes up a significant portion of the total cost for any aircraft – that's why Air Power Inc. is dedicated to helping you find the best deals in the industry. The selection of aircraft avionics for sale in our inventory covers everything from antennas and audio panels to engine monitors and GPS, all direct from top-rated manufacturers for quality you know and trust like Continental®, Cessna, Barry Mounts and more. Browse our online aircraft shop for aircraft avionics equipment and components today. 

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0470S1BR Continental Engines (Rebuilt)

Part Number: 0470S1BR

Out of stock


94011-02 Barry Controls Barry Engine Mounts

Part Number: 94011-02

On Backorder - New


0470R74BR Continental Engines (Rebuilt)

Part Number: 0470R74BR

Out of stock


Rebuilt I0550C49BR Continental Engine for Beech Baron

Part Number: I0550C49BR

1 in stock - Rebuilt


101-910014-5 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories LOWER RING HEAT SHIELD ENGINE

Part Number: 101-910014-5

7 in stock - New


101-910099-11 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories MANIFOLD ASSY- DRAIN ENGINE

Part Number: 101-910099-11

6 in stock - New


16-41-1T ANTENNA

Part Number: 16-41-1T

On Backorder - New



Part Number: 390-389006-0017X

11 in stock - New


30B5287-06EX Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories ENGINE DATA UNIT

Part Number: 30B5287-06EX

1 in stock - New



Part Number: 50-571043-114

2 in stock - New


6301000-7 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories PLACARD- ENGINE OIL

Part Number: 6301000-7

4 in stock - New


9912623-6 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories ISOLATOR- FORWARD ENGINE

Part Number: 9912623-6

31 in stock - New


J15198-2 Lord MOUNT- ENGINE, KIT

Part Number: J15198-2

163 in stock - New


HS7830001-27T/R Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories INSTL KIT-B3-T/R, ENGINE INSTL

Part Number: HS7830001-27T/R

5 in stock - New



Part Number: XMR541-01EX

3 in stock - New


0870082-1 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories ANTENNA

Part Number: 0870082-1

1 in stock - New


9912623-8 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories ISOLATOR- AFT ENGINE

Part Number: 9912623-8

On Backorder - New


CM3589-50 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories BREAKER PISTON ENGINE CIRCUIT

Part Number: CM3589-50

190 in stock - New



Part Number: J3804-10

4 in stock - New


SB560-71-09-1 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories ENGINE FUEL MANIFOLD DRAIN

Part Number: SB560-71-09-1

6 in stock - New


S65-8282-101 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories ANTENNA

Part Number: S65-8282-101

On Backorder - New


1007851-4-007EX Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories CONTROL, ENGINE ELECTRONIC SU

Part Number: 1007851-4-007EX

1 in stock - New


1529-1EX Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories MONITOR BATTERY TEMP

Part Number: 1529-1EX

1 in stock - New


1863-1EX Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories MONITOR

Part Number: 1863-1EX

1 in stock - New


89000029-001 CNI ADSB PANEL

Part Number: 89000029-001

2 in stock - New



Part Number: AN23-12A

180 in stock - New



Part Number: WP10912-1

8 in stock - New


002-410076-6 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories LOUVER- ENGINE ACCESS FUSELAG

Part Number: 002-410076-6

39 in stock - New


071-01548-0100 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories ANTENNA

Part Number: 071-01548-0100

11 in stock - New


071-1234-00 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories ANTENNA

Part Number: 071-1234-00

24 in stock - New



Part Number: 114-910062-11

3 in stock - New



Part Number: 129-034060-607

On Backorder - New


390-389000-0007 ISOLATOR - MOUNT, ENGINE

Part Number: 390-389000-0007

14 in stock - New


6605006-26 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories PLACARD, ENGINE OIL

Part Number: 6605006-26

2 in stock - New


6905008-2 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories PLACARD- ENGINE OIL

Part Number: 6905008-2

26 in stock - New



Part Number: 6905010-2

6 in stock - New


9910226-1 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories MONITOR

Part Number: 9910226-1

31 in stock - New


SB19-34-01-0 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories O-NAVIGATION ADSB- OUT INSTL

Part Number: SB19-34-01-0

8 in stock - New



Part Number: 117-910013-31

20 in stock - New


4690066-2 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories PLACARD TV MONITOR

Part Number: 4690066-2

On Backorder - New


6555067-2 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories ENGINE CROSSOVER TUBE, L.H.

Part Number: 6555067-2

1 in stock - New



Part Number: 7468194-1

1 in stock - New



Part Number: AN901-5C

80 in stock - New


CI105-16 Comant ANTENNA

Part Number: CI105-16

4 in stock - New


K-3067 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories KIT, PW535 ENGINE STRAP

Part Number: K-3067

9 in stock - New



Part Number: SB680-76-02

7 in stock - New



Part Number: 130-910004-31

7 in stock - New


1703-147-2EX Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories MONITOR

Part Number: 1703-147-2EX

On Backorder - New


Fly Safe With Aircraft Avionics for Sale From Air Power Inc.

Air Power Inc. has been providing high-quality OEM aircraft avionics to keep pilots, aircraft owners and operators flying since 1992. When it comes to riding the high skies, nothing beats knowing your aircraft is equipped with the latest aircraft avionics to keep you safe and in communication with the ground. You want the best for your aircraft, and we're the aircraft avionics shop to make that happen. We never buy from non-approved sources – Air Power Inc. is dedicated to providing airplane avionics through FAA-approved manufacturers and distributors. Browse the diverse range of avionics for sale in our inventory today. We'll ensure you get the best quality for the lowest possible price.

Your No. 1 Trusted Source for Aircraft Avionics

If you require factory standard OEM aircraft avionics, look no further than Air Power Inc. We're known for being one of the largest suppliers of aircraft aviation parts and components worldwide – but our reputation for service sets us apart from the rest. We'll work tirelessly to ensure you get the right airplane avionics every time.

Our Aircraft Avionics Shop Is Always Here to Help

The team here at Air Power Inc. remains dedicated to supplying our customers with the best airplane avionics for sale on the market. Our expert sales team has over 100 years of combined experience with aircraft avionics – we'll do whatever it takes to ensure you can get in the air as soon as possible. Our love for flying is only surpassed by our passion for exceptional customer service, so you can spend less time browsing web pages and more time doing what you love.

Airplane Avionics for Sale Online When You Need Them Most

Thanks to our long-standing relationships with manufacturers like Continental®, Lycoming, Cessna and more, we're able to stock thousands of aircraft avionics components and parts in our inventory. When you shop avionics from Air Power Inc., you get access to everything you need to upgrade your existing equipment or replace damaged components. Our stock includes:

  • ADS-B: Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Technology
  • Antennas: For Navigation and Ground Control Equipment
  • Audio Panels: For High-Quality Audio Control
  • Engine Monitors: For Real-Time Engine Operation Information
  • EFIS: Electronic Flight Instrument Systems for Flight Decks
  • GPS: Global Positioning Systems for Navigation
  • SiriusXM: For Compatibility With SiriusXM Aviation Weather

Frequently Asked Questions: Aircraft Avionics

Nothing can ground an aircraft faster than faulty aircraft avionics. We want to ensure you're confident in your purchases when you buy from Air Power Inc. That's why we offer complete transparency into our operations for all our customers, no matter their questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about the avionics for sale in our stock.

What Is Your Aircraft Avionics Return Policy?

Air Power Inc. automatically offers $100 USD in carrier's insurance for all aircraft avionics to protect against loss or damage and will provide additional insurance as required to ensure full coverage. Please open and examine all packages thoroughly and promptly after they arrive. If you find any discrepancies with your aircraft avionics, please notify Air Power immediately.

Do Your Airplane Avionics Come With a Warranty?

The aircraft avionics for sale in our inventory only come to us through approved sources. Each item is inspected to the best of our ability to ensure it's in proper working condition. While Air Power Inc. cannot offer a warranty regarding the condition of our parts, the original equipment manufacturer warranties are in place at the time of sale.

How Much Will It Cost to Ship My Aircraft Avionics?

Air Power Inc. ships aircraft avionics for orders in the Continental United States via ground shipping free of charge. Odd size, bulk and non-parcel items are exempt from this policy.

Shop Air Power Inc. for Aircraft Avionics Today

At Air Power Inc., we like to think our dedication to service and knowledge set us apart from the competition. As one of the largest aircraft avionics shops worldwide, we have the equipment you need ready to order and ship right to your door. If you need some assistance finding the right aircraft avionics equipment for your model, our team of hardworking experts is always here to answer your questions and get you the right parts the first time. Don't let damaged or worn-out avionics ground your aircraft. Shop Air Power Inc. today.

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14 FEB 2022

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