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Continental O-200 Series Aircraft Engines

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Shop Continental® O-200 engines from Air Power Inc. – the preferred engine provider of Continental® aircraft engines since 2018. For decades, pilots in training have been taking to the sky in aircraft powered by the four-cylinder Continental® O-200. It's an engine that has stood the test of time, continuing to live up to its legacy as a certified and pedigreed lightweight engine that won't compromise durability, performance or service life. We carry three series builds in the Continental® O-200 series: the O-200-A, O-200-D and the IO-240-B. With 100 continuous horsepower at 2750 RPM, Continental® O-200 engines are built for power. Browse our entire inventory today. You're sure to find the perfect Continental® O-200 engine for sale at the best price on the market. 

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0200D4BN Continental Engine - NEW O-200-D4

Part Number: 0200D4BN

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0200A48BN Continental Engine - NEW O-200-A48

Part Number: 0200A48BN

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0200D5BN New Continental Engines

Part Number: 0200D5BN

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0200D6BN Continental Engine - NEW O-200-D6

Part Number: 0200D6BN

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New I0240B32BN Continental Engine

Part Number: I0240B32BN

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0200A48BR Continental Engine - REBUILT O-200-A48

Part Number: 0200A48BR

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Find Genuine OEM Continental® O-200 Engines at Air Power Inc.

Continental® O-200 engines are well-known and often revered in the world of general aviation aircraft. Tremendously powerful while remaining lightweight, the Continental® O-200 series is still used in a wide range of light aircraft designs worldwide. The Continental® O-200 engines for sale at Air Power Inc. are compatible with over 50 aircraft types – encompassing everything from the Aeronca Champion 7EC to the Zenith STOL CH 750.

The Continental® O-200 Engines You Need With the Service You Want

At Air Power Inc., we're proud to be the preferred distributor of Continental® since 2018. Thanks to our close relationship with Continental®, we can offer Continental® O-200 engines at some of the best prices in the industry.

Our Team Can Help You Find the Best Continental® O-200 for Your Aircraft

The team at Air Power Inc. has been in the business for decades, helping customers find the best parts for their aircraft so they can take to the skies. Trust us to help you get the right Continental® O-200 for your model and flying needs. Don't hesitate to contact us at any time for more details or any questions you have on the Continental® O-200 series.

We Carry Three Models in the Continental® O-200 Engine Series

Within the Continental® O-200 engine series, there are three distinct series builds to choose from based on your needs and aircraft model type:

Frequently Asked Questions: Continental® O-200 Engines

At Air Power Inc., we know the purchasing process can be tricky when it comes to aircraft engines. Here are some frequently asked questions about purchasing Continental® O-200 engines to help.

How Can I Pay for My Continental® O-200?

Continental® O-200 may only be paid for via a wire transfer or business check drawn from a U.S.-based bank.

Do You Offer Any Financing Options for Continental® O-200 Engines?

You can finance Continental® O-200 engines through the Van Bortel Finance Corporation.

Is It Possible to Return a Continental® O-200 Engine Core?

Yes. Returned cores must be sent directly to Continental Aerospace Technologies™ and be identified with the distributor's name (Air Power Inc.), Returned Good Authorization (RGA) number, engine core invoice number and logbook entry for the aircraft from which you removed the Continental® O-200 engine core. For more details, check out our core return policy page.

Shop Our Selection of Continental® O-200 Engines For Sale Today

If you're itching to get your aircraft back in the sky as soon as possible, Air Power Inc. and Continental® O-200 engines can help. At Air Power, we remain dedicated to ensuring you get the best product for the best price possible. Browse our entire selection of Continental® O-200 engines for sale now – why trust anyone else over the preferred distributor of Continental® engines worldwide?

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14 JUN 2022

Continental Aerospace Technologies - Engine Break-In Instructions

When helping our customers purchase Continental aircraft engines, aircraft cylinders and speaking with those having their engine overhauled, we always return to Continental Manual M-0 for advice. While there are hundreds of break in opinions online and through the many shops in the country, we always stick to factory guidance and refer back to M-0. You should always print off a copy of M-0 (Section 7) before flying your aircraft with a new, rebuilt engine or fresh cylinders.

15 DEC 2022

Top Benefits of Financing an Airplane Engine Purchase

If your business responsibilities include providing airplane owners with engines and engine parts, you’ll need to make advanced investments to ensure you always have the necessary equipment on hand. We’ve been in the industry for decades and know that the flat-out purchase of a single airplane engine can be expensive. Now, multiply these financial needs by a dozen or so, and the prices really hit exorbitant levels.

18 JAN 2022

Leading Benefits of Using AVBLEND Oil Additive on Your Aircraft

Throughout the years, oil additives have become commonplace as a chemical compound that improves the performance of base oil products. While there are many options on the market for oil additives, at Air Power, Inc. we are proud to offer our clients the best product available for their engine maintenance services. Let’s take a look at why AVBLEND Oil Additive is our personal choice for premier aircraft performance and how your clients can benefit from your maintenance shop’s supply of this product.